What to do in the event of an Accident.

  • Make the accident scene safe.

  • Switch off vehicle.

  • Turn hazard lights on.

  • Notify Police if there are any injury's.

  • Keep everyone off the road and away from the accident.

  • Stay calm and do not make any rash decisions or admit guilt.

  • Exchange details with involved party - Registration number, Name, Insurance company details.

  • Obtain contact details from any witnesses of the accident, and the incident reference number should the police attend.

  • Do not drive your vehicle if it is not roadworthy.

  • Get the contact details of your towing company and provide them with your insurance company details.

  • Lodge a claim with your insurance company (repairs cannot take place until the claim number has been accepted by your insurance company and allocated).

  • Supply your insurance company with all details regarding the accident including the other parties details, and the police incident number.

  • Bring your vehicle into Advanced Panel and Paint if it is roadworthy. If it needs to be towed advise your insurance company or tow truck driver that you would like it to be repaired by Advanced Panel and Paint (panel beaters and car painters).

  • Once delivered to us the damage to the vehicle will then be assessed. Give you an estimate of how long it will take to repair and the cost.

  • As soon as we receive the vehicle you have piece of mind as we handle everything from here.

  • All work by Advanced Panel and Paint is guaranteed, we provide customers the reassurance that the vehicle will be restored to its original condition.

  • You will be contacted as soon as your vehicle has been repaired, inspected, cleaned and ready to pick up.

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